Common Causes Of Kane County Car Accidents

On any given day, there are various Kane County, Illinois car accidents and other vehicle crashes.  According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), in year 2012 Kane County had the 5th most crashes of any county in Illinois, with 8,963 crashes.  22 of these crashes were considered fatal crashes.  Injuries occurred in 2,381 of these crashes.

Should you be involved in such a Kane County vehicle accident, you do not want to jeopardize your ability to potentially receive monetary compensation.  It is likely in your best interest to promptly contact a qualified Illinois car accident lawyer to both protect your legal rights and to determine how best to potentially achieve monetary compensation.

Car accidents happen for various reasons.  Listed below are various reasons for, as well as contributing factors to, Kane County car accidents and vehicle accidents:

Traffic hazards:  Traffic hazards can take many forms, and present a particular danger as they often are unexpected.  One type of traffic hazard is caused by stalled vehicles.  Another type of traffic hazard is caused by materials that have been dropped onto the roadway by other vehicles, or car or truck parts, such as tires or bumpers, that have fallen from other vehicles.  Related to these traffic hazards are other dangerous situations caused by adverse roadway conditions.  These dangerous roadway conditions are numerous, and are often caused by weather.  Weather-related road hazards can include “black ice” and standing water on the roadway.  In various instances sinkholes have developed after large rainfalls.  These sinkholes are particularly hazardous if they form at night, as happened in a Kane County vehicle accident on July 1, 2014.

Drunk driving accidents:  Many vehicle accidents are caused by intoxicated drivers who drive after drinking.  These DUI accidents also include drunk drivers who become “wrong-way” drivers, which has been the source of various serious and fatal Chicago area accidents.

Drunk drivers have been involved in many types of accidents, including collisions with motorcyclists and bicyclists.  In addition to drunk driving accidents, there are also accidents caused by drivers who drive after becoming intoxicated because of drug or inhalant (i.e. “huffing”) use.

Distracted driving accidents:  These types of accidents occur often. While the underlying  distractions can be caused by many factors, distracted driving because of cell phone usage and texting is commonplace.

Speeding:  Speeding has been both a cause and contributor to many serious Kane County and Chicago-area vehicle crashes.  One type of speeding that has led to car accidents is that experienced during street racing.

Failure to yield:  This type of vehicle accident occurs when one driver fails to yield the right-of-way to another driver, thereby causing a collision.  “Failure to yield” is often cited after a motorist fails to see other road users who are less visible, such as motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians, and collides with them after failing to yield the right of way.

Defective automobiles:  Vehicle accidents can be caused by defective cars or automobile parts. While these types of car design defects can vary greatly, one recent type of defective design that has been alleged to cause car accidents is that of unintended acceleration.

The above discusses various common causes of Kane County and Chicago metropolitan area vehicle accidents.  Should you be injured in an Illinois car accident, the Elman Joseph Law Group provides a free legal consultation to help you understand your rights and provide an overview of what legal remedies may exist in order for you to gain monetary compensation.

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